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How To Buy Your First Investment Property

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In 45 minutes I'll show you exactly how to buy your first investment property. Not only that, you'll walk away with the foundational knowledge required to build a million dollar portfolio. ($199)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any real estate knowledge or experience?

No. I work with clients ranging from literally zero experience to clients with multiple properties and years of experience.

How can I maximize my starter fund?

This will depend on your starting amount. That's the beauty of having a personalized plan. I help you maximize it to catapult your investment value and cash flow.

How much do I need available to start buying properties?

$25-35k is a good starter fund. Lower than that requires targeting specific markets and strategies to maximize. More than $35k affords you the ability to scale faster.

Can I invest in a different state than where I live?

Absolutely! I have clients in California buying in Alabama, New Jersey buying in North Carolina, and Texas buying in Virginia. Today's technology partnered with my systems make out of state investing easily accessible.

How can I be confident in my investment?

You aren't doing this alone. You have a well experienced professional on your side. In the beginning of your mentorship, I will teach you how to analyze properties, build out a team, understand financing, and provide feedback on potential investments. I am with you the whole way through offer, negotiations, renovation, and exit.

How often can I message you?

As much as you like. You can email me or instant message me via slack as one of my clients.