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Take the future into your hands. Build a real estate portfolio with the knowledge, guidance, and experience you're missing. Say goodbye to navigating un-chartered territory alone. Secure your future by investing today. Your journey to freedom starts here.

My Expertise

I passionately help individuals just like you achieve your financial goals with personalized strategies and expert guidance. In my 3 years of real estate investing I have purchased 13 single family homes and 11 multifamily properties. Managed over 100 tenants, completed 17 renovation projects, and added over $500k to my net worth. I'm focused on building for my future and helping others get started building for theirs.

Tailored Solutions

Empowering Your Education and Success

Plan Your Portfolio

Having a vision from the start is integral to the success of your journey. Building a strategy with your goal in mind fosters confidence each step of the way.

Learn To Analyze Investments

Get comfortable with deciphering the difference between a good and bad investment. This way you are pursuing only the best opportunities.

Apply Your Knowledge

Knowing how to invest is one thing. Actually doing it is another. Don't let your future self wish you had started earlier. Get the right team on your side and start taking action.



My wife Donna and I were looking to move from California to North Carolina. We knew what we were looking for in a home, but didn't know where to start. Dimitri was the first agent to contact us. He was very patient with us. Since we were still in California, he acted as our eyes and ears in our search. We really put him to work, to put it mildly. He was able to find a perfect house for us and worked diligently. Because of that, we were able to acquire our "Retirement Home". For that we are very appreciative and blessed. We overwhelmingly recommend him to everyone looking to buy a home.


Dimitri was fantastic to have in our corner when we were purchasing a house. Even though we moved up our timeline on when we wanted to buy, Dimitri was ready to go! He is knowledgeable, personable, and an amazing negotiator. When we had questions, he was fast to respond and was willing to take the extra time to thoroughly answer them. Dimitri is an excellent communicator and it was due to his handling and demystifying of the process that we managed to close in a tight timeframe. We highly recommend Dimitri and couldn’t be happier with our experience working with him!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any real estate knowledge or experience?

No. I work with clients ranging from literally zero experience to clients with multiple properties and years of experience.

How can I maximize my starter fund?

This will depend on your starting amount. That's the beauty of having a personalized plan. I help you maximize it to catapult your investment value and cash flow.

How much do I need available to start buying properties?

$25-35k is a good starter fund. Lower than that requires targeting specific markets and strategies to maximize. More than $35k affords you the ability to scale faster.

Can I invest in a different state than where I live?

Absolutely! I have clients in California buying in Alabama, New Jersey buying in North Carolina, and Texas buying in Virginia. Today's technology partnered with my systems make out of state investing easily accessible.

How can I be confident in my investment?

You aren't doing this alone. You have a well experienced professional on your side. In the beginning of your mentorship, I will teach you how to analyze properties, build out a team, understand financing, and provide feedback on potential investments. I am with you the whole way through offer, negotiations, renovation, and exit.

How often can I message you?

As much as you like. You can email me or instant message me via slack as one of my clients.